11 Ways to Naturally Improve Stomach Acid Production

This compound is critical for the digestive process. When your stomach acid levels aren’t where they should be, your system will struggle to absorb essential minerals and proteins, which can lead to deficiencies. Likewise, stomach acid is responsible for killing harmful bacteria enzymes that enter your system.

The acid not only provides a suitable environment for pepsin to work but also kills many potentially harmful microbes that enter the stomach in our food. Bloating, gas, acid reflux, heartburn, burping, and even acne can all be signs that you have low stomach acid. While digestive enzymes won’t necessarily help to directly raise your stomach acid levels, they can help take some of the stain off of your digestive system by helping to break down the food you eat. In turn, this can encourage your glands to create more stomach acid.

I’m still trying to figure it all out…I’ve been told years ago that I have IBS and GERD and a nutritionist said I have digestion problems and put me on a digestive enzyme…I have weaned myself off of my supplements and only take Juice Plus supplements and have started back on a probiotic called Dophilus (sp?) Plus…I had been taking it for many years and decided to stop taking it thinking I wouldn’t need it eating Vegan…I was only off of it for a few weeks then decided to go back on it after reading something that made me think I should stay on it…then I read your article about what certain probiotics can do if I do have low stomach acid…I order my supplements from LifeSourceVitamins which I’m very thankful to have learned about a couple years ago…very reputable and helpful company!. I’m thankful for your info and am hoping to figure out my body without having to have certain tests performed to “diagnose” my issues due to cost!. Thanks for any help/info/suggestions/advice you might care to share with me. So I’m going around the internet trying to find all the places where low stomach acid is being talked about to find an answer to this problem.

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Continue to test your HCL levels and follow the dosage instructions in the article, as I think you will find help in this. Continue to work with a practitioner who you can trust and that will help oversee your health decisions. After recovering from being sick in early November, I have been blasted with bad heartburn for the first time in my life at the age of 31. The information here is a breath of fresh air as it isn’t just the “you have acid reflux, support big pharma” rhetoric. Hi Mary, yes, you can continue to take the HCL along with your other supplements.

HCl is required for adequate absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Why Stomach Acid is Good for You because he highly advises against taking HCL if you are taking any kind of pharmaceutical or over the counter anti-inflammatory like Prednisone, aspirin, or ibuprofen. These medications can damage the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and adding HCL to the mix could aggravate that or increase the risk of an ulcer. I love learning from Asian practices on how to use food as medicine.

However, that’s an average, meaning many people take more and many people take less. We recommend people start by taking the smallest dose and work up with each meal until they feel the “warm” sensation in their stomach or notice symptom improvement.

Stomach acid is a vital part of our digestive and immune systems. It helps break down food, but also maintains the acidic environment in the digestive system that kills bacteria, parasites and pathogens that we may ingest with food. In more extreme cases, symptoms like hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, adrenal fatigue and even autoimmune disease can occur. (1) Of course, these symptoms can stem from other problems as well, but often they can point to low stomach acid.

I didn’t burp until 10-15 minutes into the test. As such, I figured I might have low stomach acid. A lot of the cause and effects of this condition matched what I was going through.

I have had reflux and heartburn issues ever since my health crashed about 2.5 years ago. It drives me nuts. I though, like everyone else, that it was related to too much acid. As a result, I’ve taken about every acid blocker out there.

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I really don’t know what to do because the hospital in my town is horrible & last time i went there the doctor had no compassion & told me that this just happens & i will have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I asked her why my stomach would decide to produce too much acid now & she didn’t answer. I told her it happens all the time no matter what i eat or what im doing & she picked up on that & scheduled a stress test for me to see if i have the spasms when i run, but i told her no because it will happen out of nowhere so I’m not sure if i should even go.

If you think that you may have low stomach acid, there are a few tests that your physician can perform to give you a definitive answer. Additionally, you can do one of the tests at home, but you’ll need your doctor’s final diagnosis before you can be 100% sure whether or not you have low stomach acid, or something else. We’re going to cover several causes of low stomach acid, signs of low stomach acid, how to test for low stomach acid, and how to overcome the misery of low stomach acid.

So make sure your food is totally chewed before you swallow. That can help your low stomach acid. Manuka honey comes from New Zealand; it is antimicrobial, so it can help fight microbial overgrowth (bad bacteria) in the stomach that can occur when you have low stomach acid. Manuka honey also promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

I think my stomach sphincter is not closing properly anymore and allowing the stomach contents to come back up because of the pressure from the bloating. I also have lot so pain in various regions of my bowels and have IBS symptoms. I also had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. But I had the stomach problems before that. I’ve seen a gastro on a few occasions and all they did was a camera down the throat and a sample taken.

how to improve low stomach acid naturally

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