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The three-year research project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) with 340,000 Euro. Twenty-one students from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania will be joining the campus for a period of one semester. Jacobs University welcomes visiting and exchange students from the United States, Russia and Turkey.

Astronomy, physics and geophysics[edit]

European research project »MORPH«: Tomorrow’s underwater robots tested in Southern France Researchers from the University of Erlangen, the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources and Jacobs University have found indicators for possible gold and non-ferrous metal deposits in hydrothermal vents in the ocean floor – so called ‘Black Smokers’ – in the South West Pacific. New logistics study: How do hours of service regulations affect road safety?

For this purpose Jacobs University’s research team in Neuroscience and Human Performance has developed various tasks that probands are asked to perform by hand. Organized by the Logistics Chain, Jacobs University’s logistics club, businessmen, executives, students, and faculty from the logistics field came together to discuss current business issues and exchange ideas and visions. The Jacobs Machine Learning Group under the lead of Herbert Jaeger, Professor of Computational Science, receives 526,000 Euros of the project money to contribute control modules inspired by natural brains. The German head of state devoted one hour exploring the exhibits, among them Jacobs University’s multimedia table. Block A of Krupp College, Block A of Mercator College and Block C of College III are Jacobs University’s most successful residential energy savers.

Jacobs students Philipp Mikio Herzberg and Frank Richter have been honored for their outstanding commitment to the campus community and their excellent academic performance. Jacobs professor Immacolata Amodeo has been appointed Secretary General of Villa Vigoni, the renowned German-Italian Center for European Excellence in Loveno di Menaggio on Lake Como. This time it will be down to the HSBA to choose the rowing lane when they meet Jacobs University again at the Hanse Boat Race in Hamburg on May 5. The show opens on February 16 with Jacobs Dean and Leopoldina Vice President Ursula Staudinger as one of the guest speakers

A team of Jacobs University students were recently welcomed by Poliboy, the Lilienthal-based market leader in many home care markets and a household brand with an 80 year tradition, for their final presentation on the company’s social media presence. Sven Voelpel, Professor of Business Administration at Jacobs University, shows that professional soccer often is miles ahead of business due to the intense pressure within the sport. Jacobs University professor Katja Windt has joined the supervisory board of Fraport, the owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport. Fraport AG counts among the leading companies within the industry and operates one of the most important air traffic hubs in the world. The park’s science coordinator Hartwig Schepker, Matthias Ullrich, Professor of Microbiology at Jacobs, and a group of Jacobs students invite visitors on a trip around the world. Students can borrow a bike for the day using their Campus Card and explore Bremen-Nord and its surroundings.

For the kickoff meeting on October 8 to 10, 2009, Jacobs University welcomes the coordinator of the Indian partners, Dr. In the context of a research on computational materials science, supported with 1.8 Mio Euro by the EU Framework Programme 7 in cooperation with the Indian Department of Science and Technology, Jacobs University coordinates research of the European partners. On October 30, 2009, Silja Bellingrath, postdoc in Health Psychology at Jacobs University, received the Bruno-Heck-Science-Award from the alumni of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation endowed with 5000 Euros.

  • Terese Pisabarro, Ute Hempel (2019), Glycosaminoglycans influence enzyme activity of MMP2 and MMP2/TIMP3 complex formation – Insights at cellular and molecular level, Scientific Reports, volume 9, Article number: 4905, doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-41355-2
  • The transdisciplinary ROBEX alliance also includes Jacobs University and is coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute (Registration for the conference is open until April 7.
  • Jacobs University student Dragos Mihai is the winner of the first College Nordmetall Award.

In many cases a lack of refrigeration or insufficient cooling during transport lead to food decay and waste, say logistics experts at Jacobs University. At the recent alumni reunion in Berkeley the Jacobs University Foundation of America welcomed three members from the Alumni Association to its fold. Three teams from Jacobs University have come out tops in the inaugural JacoBus Challenge business competition. Our sporting heroes defended their trophy, which will now stay in Bremen for the third year running. The small group included three representatives from the United World Colleges, one public Swedish school and several international schools.

Micro shuttles and laser remote control: Jacobs University develops new research method on intracellular processes of living cells August 25 is the first day for most of the roundabout 320 newcomers, undergraduate freshmen and graduate students, on the campus of their new Alma Mater.

This year a total of 16 male and female authors, the largest number to date, are participating in the 5th annual literature festival organized by Jacobs University and Radio Bremen. On November 8, Jacobs University honored former Bremen Senator Josef Hattig by naming one of its main conference rooms after him.

On May 12, 2009, Jacobs University expects about 200 guests from Germany and abroad to participate in its commemoration ceremony for the university’s great benefactor and patron Klaus J. From May 14th till June 1st, 2009, Suna Turhan, student of Comparative Literature and Culture at Jacobs University Bremen, is playing the female leading role of Zsuzsa/Flieder in the cross-cultural drama production “Flieder & Flagge” (Lilac and Flag) at Neues Schauspielhaus Bremen. Brigitte Kudielka, Professor of Health Psychology at Jacobs University, as a new member of the Ethics Commission. The German Psychological Society (DGPs) appoints Jacobs University professor Brigitte Kudielka to member of the Ethics Commission

Der Tübinger Arbeitskreis Chinesische Literatur has translated the following Chinese authors into German: Angelika Thiele Becker has translated the following Spanish authors into German:

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