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Gene Simmons’s laud of Elvis following the announcement made that KISS costumes are now being displayed in Graceland’s “Influence of Elvis Presley” exhibit, as reported by Broadway World on May 16, 2017. As a mountain resort, Idyllwild residents can share many but perhaps the most told is the time Elvis Presley spent three weeks there in 1961 to film “Kid Galahad. Cybill Shepherd, on her relationship with Elvis, as published in the Sedonas Red News on March 12, 2018 Elvis Presley connects Tupelo, MS to the whole world, the opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges abounding.

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Gerald Eskenazi, former sports writer for the NYT and current Forbes contributor, recounting his most recent visit to Venice, as published in an article entitled “Enjoying A Gondola Ride in Venice–With Pavarotti And Presley”, published on March 5 2018 His “rock n roll funk” stylings and Elvis manner of dress and way of acting has given him “dint of rampant Americanism,” as well as the nickname of The Ethiopian Elvis, Since his death I have asked myself the same question, “why me?” and why, of all the people Elvis met in the service, did he pay special attention to me?

Cass Elliot, of the Mamas and the Papas, after having asked Elvis why did he sing Gospel music, over and over after his shows, and Elvis challenging her to do so herself, with the backing of his Almost thirty years after Elvis died, she confided to UK TV and radio personality Terry Wogan her favourite Presley song was the laughing version of “Are you lonesome Tonight”, as told in an interview held at the HQ of the BBC’s Broadcasting House on April 20, 2006. Elvis as the genre’s first megastar, and for good or ill, changed popular music forever after. I could argue that the chemistry between Elvis, guitarist Scotty Moore, and bassist Bill Black was put through the washin’ machine once the Blue Moon Boys went to RCA– but I’d probably lose the debate. I was talking with Elvis’ manager, and he said, ‘Come on up to my room, and you can meet him.’ I’ve had people up to my room when I’ve been on the road who have turned out to be boors, and I didn’t want to do that to him.

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Elvis’ voice was that type of voice that agreed with the thought of Calvary. Like most black people in the South, and to whom God has pressed down the harp of a thousand strings, that harp only needed tuning. Dolly Parton and, more predictably, Beethoven, make aural guest appearances but it’s the voice of the Pelvis that sets the rhythm of life.

Laud on the importance of Elvis Presley and Graceland by Jerry Rogers, keeper of the US National Register of Historic Places as published by the Conmercial Appeal on November 7, 1991. Silvio Rodríguez, Cuban musician, widely considered his country’s folk singer and arguably one of Latin America’s greatest singer-songwriters, explaining why he chose, at age 15, to continue being a follower of Fidel Castro in spite of the latter’s opinion of Elvis followers, like he was, and of rock music in general, as published in Cuba Debate on August 14, 2017. He and Elvis Presley both played black, brought black style into the mainstream and were demonized as polluters before they were lionized as cultural heroes. Anywhere in the world, not before, during or after has there been a bigger music star than Elvis Presley. I owe Elvis Presley my career and the entire music business owes him its lifeline…

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