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Security and prosperity comes by transparency and free access. In general, and for code. This should be the standard for transparency, auditability and money efficiency across public entities and other organizations.

Public money must be used for common wealth. Sharing the result a the work paid by public money makes it part of the common wealth. Don’t spend public money on proprietary software theirs are bad for citizens. I believe, publicly financed software should be only Free Software. Anything, other than this, is injustice toward people.

Publicly funded software (and research) belongs to the people who have paid for it, ie the public. This would greatly increase transparency of software funded by public money. Public money, public code. It will be more secure – look at linux vs windows security.

Linux is public and is more secure. Code of publicly-funded software projects should be freely available for people to study, develop, enhance and use.

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Introducing Free Software in public sector will help in the growth of the society. By closing the source code, government forces constant wheel reinvention, leading to increased cost and lower security. Publicly available code for publicly financed projects can also fight corruption.

It’s our money, it has to be our code. Now that privacy is becoming an issue we need public code not to spy on us. Codes built with public money should be public, every one have the rights to analyze, opine and contribute to this code. If the public money promote any – program code – then the license need to be Open / Derivative / Equal for all . I pay my tax.

It just makes sense. By the public, for the public.

Just do the right thing. Public money builds public streets, so it should also build public code. We want/need the Free Software, so this must be paid with public money. We should invest public money wisely.

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  • Open source software would also increase trust of institutions with the people.
  • By the public, for the public.
  • Free software exists for the very same purpose.
  • Software in the public interest is often horribly broken.

Codes developed using public money should be placed under open source software. We have to discuss on the role for sensitive codes. Because the public should own the code it paid for. That saves a lot of public money in the long run too.

Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes:

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They should definitely use PUBLIC codes so the PUBLIC can use. Taxes should be spent for the benefit of everyone. Free Software serves the public benefit.

I fully agree with the initiative and would like all publicly-funded software to be released under a free software license. Companies that make publicly paid software are only tools paid to do a software.

All Public Signatures

I am a professional software developer and want all government software to be fully public. Tax money spent on developing software should be available for all. I support the initiative to make government used software open source.

I develop software paid for by tax payer’s dollars and fully support this cause. Having more publicly available code is never a bad thing. Yes, public code is a requirement for any science being funded with public money. public money, public code.

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