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Cecca Fabrizio; Faraoni Paolo; Marini Agostino; Pallini Giovanni, 1995: Field-trip across the representative sections for the upper Hauterivian-Barremian ammonite biostratigraphy in the Maiolica exposed at Monte Nerone, Monte Petrano and Monte Catria (Umbria-Marche Apennines) Roscoe, B.A., 1997: Field-test results of a three-phase holdup measurement in horizontal wells using a pulsed-neutron source Hahn Rolf, 1988: Field-study of soil-gas exhaustion on a landfill to investigate the risk potential depending on chlorinated hydrocarbons

gerd barelmann

am 19 November 1935 on the ship ‘Europa’ from Bremen to New York. am 03 September 1935 on the ship ‘Europa’ from Bremen to New York. am 08 Juli 1930 on the ship ‘Bremen’ from Bremen to Southampton, England. am 03 August 1926 on the ship ‘Berlin’ from Bremen to New York.

10.11.41 trf to Luftzeuggruppe 7 as acting Gruppe Leiter, Gruppe Lz.I. assigned to an indespensible position as a pilot for a technical institute, the Institut 01.10.33 trf to the Luftwaffe from the Reichsdienst with a rank of (unknown) and appt Credited with a total of 31 combat missions, the last of

Taylor, G.J.ffrey; Spudis Paul, D., 1989: Field work on the Moon; why we need it and how to do it Allen Philip, A., 1999: Field work on the Huqf Supergroup of Oman Soerensen, P.Brgger, 1970: Field work on marble and calc-silicate rocks in the Nordre Stroemfjord region Nutman, A., 1979: Field work on Precambrian anorthosite and contact rocks, Smithson Bjerge, Inglefield Bredning, North-West Greenland Kaminskas Donatas; Brazauskas Antanas, 1998: Field work of the Vilnius University geology students in the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland

am 23 Januar 1930 on the ship ‘Dresden’ from Bremen to New York. am 11 Dezember 1926 on the ship ‘Berlin’ from Bremen to New York. am 30 Mai 1932 on the ship ‘Cap Norte’ from Bremen to Buenos Aires, Argentinien. am 05 Oktober 1927 on the ship ‘Yorck’ from Bremen to New York.

am 09 Juli 1935 on the ship ‘Europa’ from Bremen to Southampton, England. am 18 Juni 1927 on the ship ‘Bremen’ from Bremen to Halifax, Kanada. am 27 Oktober 1937 on the ship ‘Triton’ from Bremen to Bilbao, Spanien. am 05 Mai 1923 on the ship ‘Crefeld’ from Bremen to Vigo, Spanien.

11.07.41 Oblt., 1./KG 55 POW – during attacks on columns in area S of 18.01.45 in FAG 103, ordered to OKL /LP1 for temporary duty (to 12.09.56 joined the Bundesluftwaffe as a Hptm., serving with the Flak. 23.03.42 appt Sachbearbeiter in the A.-Stelle of the A.u.EStelle (L) Lg.Kdo. 01.11.39 trf to 01.11.39 trf to Ln.Schule Halle as an instructor.

(Führerreserve) Lager Auhof with temporary duty as Stabs Qu (to c.15.01.45). 05.04.41 Hptm., chief intelligence officer to Rommel – POW – He 111 (N6+IA) of Kurier 15.10.43 temporary duty with IV./KG 1 as to gain front experience(?) (to 21.10.43).

gerd barelmann

21.03.42 temporary assignment to Koflug 3/I with the Flugleitungsdienst mit Frontflieger sources say Ludwigsburg} Credited with at least 431 combat missions and aided in the sinking of a trf to I./KG 4 due to the renaming of the unit, (to 05.45). 05.06.42 trf to LKS 3 as Aufsichtsoffz in the Fluglehrergruppe (still 15.10.44).

temporary duty with FFS A/B 11 for pilot training for ELF-See licence. 03.07.43 trf to FFS A 121 for instruction as an Ausb.Leiter (still 15.10.43). 05.01.45 trf to Koflug 4/III (but found to be in excess of allowance). Offz.z.b.V./OKL (Sch.Etat) to temporary duty with 1./NJG 102 as a trainee. 27.01.41 trf to Luftzeugamt Kölleda as Maj.beim Stabe and Chef des Stabskomp.

01.04.38 Lt., trf to the Luftwaffe from the Austrian Air Force, ordered to 4 to RLM pool with temporary duty to Annahmestelle 1 für Offizierbewerber d.Lw. 30.05.42 ordered to temporary duty with AOK 18 as Ic Lw.

am 28 April 1923 on the ship ‘Seydlitz’ from Bremen to New York. am 4 November 1913 on the ship ‘Kaiser Wilhelm II’ from Bremen to New York. am 31 Januar 1926 on the ship ‘Berlin’ from Bremen to New York.

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am 05 Juni 1930 on the ship ‘Berlin’ from Bremen to New York. am 13 Januar 1930 on the ship ‘Madrid’ from Bremen to Sao Francisco do Sul, Brasilien.

Younce Matthew, W.; Russell Gail, 2005: Field-based hyperspectral detection of vegetation red edge shift related to hydrocarbon microseepage in Mariner Field, Hancock County, Mississippi Wallach Joseph, L.; Thomas Richard, L.; Mohajer Arsalan, A., 1996: Field-based geoscience, an essential input to public policy Brokes, F.; Baross, G.; Knauer, J.; Toth, K., 1985: Field-based geological description and computerized data processing system at the Bauxite Exploration Company Markus Herndl; Jeffrey, W.W.ite; L.A.H.nt; Simone Graeff; Wilhelm Claupein, 2008: Field-based evaluation of vernalization requirement, photoperiod response and earliness per se in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Tunks John, P.; Rojstaczer, S., 1994: Field-based determination of pneumatic conductivity using soil gas and atmospheric pressure time series

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Emerson, D.O.; Rich, E.I., 1966: Field trip; Sacramento Valley and northern Coast Ranges Galloway Alan, J., 1966: Field trip; Point Reyes Peninsula and San Andreas fault zone Perry, L.E., 1979: Field trip; Palm wood in the Hector Hills Mitchell James, R., 1984: Field trip; Opal near Red Rock Canyon

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