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But 4 years ago I started to get thin strange metallic/acidic/salty/sweet taste in mouth, and it just won’t go away. It is literally driving me insane.

Maybe it would be helpful to read up on magnesium and perhaps zinc also. If you aren’t absorbing the nutrients from your food due to low stomach acid then a mineral deficiency could account for some of your symptoms. Thanks so much for your response. I have spent one small fortune on my health in the last eleven years. Not once did anyone mention low stomach acid.

Is it low in the diet, or is it not being absorbe? Also, H pylori infection can commonly damage the stomachs parietal cells that make your HCL, as well as inflame the jejunum, the upper part of your small intestine, where the majority of your Zinc and B1 is absorbed.

It can also be caused by undigested food-due to low stomach acid-coming back up through the valve into your esophagus. We’ve been told by the conventional medical world that too much stomach acid is the cause of reflux and heartburn. This simply isn’t correct. Stomach acid is incredibly beneficial to the body and an increase in stomach acid can actually reduce and many times cure issues like acid reflux or heartburn and improve common issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, colitis, and other gastrointestinal problems.

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With low stomach acid, you won’t break down foods as effectively and this can cause a ripple effect as it passes through your digestive tract. Without enough of this acid working in your stomach, the digestion process can be affected, which leads to feeling bloated or nauseated during or just after meals. You could also feel heartburn or indigestion, which is why many people, including myself, pop an antacid.

natural ways to heal low stomach acid

I’ve been taking HCl for over a year now and still need it. Definitely avoid gluten and possibly dairy too. I recently read your article and began taking HcL pills (the Thorne brand with pepsin) under the supervision of my naturopath. I started with a low dose at first and instantly say digestive improvement. I then did the loading test and took 20 pills without feeling much.

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Is this a low acid or high acid. Doctor please help me. Hi Mary, thank you for reaching out! It is always a good idea to consult with your practitioner about any symptoms you have.

Initially I was losing weight at a steady pace (27 pounds over three months) but since March I have not been able to lose any. I have actually gained weight. In May my hair started falling out/thinning dramatically and I suspect that my stomach acid levels are low. I get very bloated and gaseous after each meal and sometimes I experience bloating when I havent eaten.

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