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They can be included in foods, such as yoghurt, or taken as dietary supplements or added to drugs. The Probiotics Learning Lab is a non-commercial, open educational resource for members of the public to learn more about the potential of friendly bacteria and gut health. It is run by an impartial team of registered nutritionists, nutritional therapists and microbiologists at Wren Laboratories Ltd., makers of OptiBac Probiotics, and includes news, research and lifestyle tips related to probiotics, without being limited to strains in the OptiBac range.

As they pass through the gut, they interact with gut cells, immune cells and food substances, exerting their benefits. There are a few different ways of doing this, but we were surprised at how much difference the fermented drink, kefir, made to our volunteers. Perhaps the greater array of microbes in this drink meant that there was a better chance of at least some ‘good bacteria’ reaching the gut and setting up home.

You’ve probably seen the term CFU on a probiotic label.

Viability, as expected, depended on the pH, the length of the exposure to acid, and the species and strains used. The hardiest organisms were L.

Made using apples from a 300-year-old orchard. Willys is never treated with heat, meaning as many bacteria as possible are preserved. Formulated by a Dr Edward F Group who was tired of having to take several supplements to get all the probiotic benefits he wanted, Floratrex contains ingredients such as lactobacillus acidophilus to help boost the immune system and reduce lactose intolerance was well as lactobacillus gasseri to help normalise cholesterol and support heart health. One suggestion at the recent BritishSociety of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) conference in Cardiff was that taking them in a fasting state was better as simultaneous food intake will stimulate stomach acid production. Good article, but a key question is if/ how probiotics survive stomach acid environment.

Travel Happy! Avoid Montezuma’s Revenge with Spore Probiotics

To confer benefits, microorganisms must survive the many stages of digestion (think stomach acid and bile), past the small intestine, and make it into the colon, where their work begins. As we mentioned above, probiotics live in your colon – the very last portion of your digestive tract.

They also contain yeast, which the bacteria like to feed on. More and more research is suggesting that our gut bacteria can influence almost every aspect of our health, from balancing our blood glucose to affecting our mood.

Vet products at One report from the site found that five of the 19 products tested had only a fraction of the promised live bacteria.

also found probiotics to be helpful in healthy people to maintain gut, vaginal, and immune health. Probiotics can be found in foods such as yogurt, or in dietary supplements, with various popular strains.

Researchers think that many cases of the disease begin with an opportunistic bacterial infection in the not yet fully developed intestine of an infant. As the illness progresses, gut tissue becomes increasingly inflamed and often starts to die, which can, in turn, rupture the intestine and flood the abdominal cavity with pathogenic microbes that proliferate to dangerous levels. Researchers estimate that 12 percent of preterm infants weighing less than 3.3 pounds will develop necrotizing enterocolitis and that 30 percent of them will not survive. Standard treatment involves a combination of antibiotics, feeding via intravenous tubes, and surgery to remove diseased and dead tissue.

microorganisms (3). The ecosystem of the small intestine is, however, less stable and “more susceptible to modifications than that of the colon” (4).

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