Dietary Supplements of Plant Origin: A Nutrition and Health Approach

Note. All dietary factors refer to dietary consumption.

Levels of alcohol use were low. Overall, 16.5% of participants were experienced drinkers, and only 4% of them were current drinkers. Males were significantly more likely than females to report drinking.

Conclusion The findings of our study reveal that tobacco smoking is initiated by students during the early adolescent years and continues throughout the university years. Smoking was more prevalent among males, possibly due to fewer opportunities to smoke due to cultural and social restrictions among females. Curiosity, peer pressure, and psychological stress were the main causes of initiating tobacco smoking, with family members of the tobacco smokers playing a vital role indirectly to initiate tobacco use. Public awareness measures, such as anti-smoking campaigns must be implemented to create awareness, reduce smoking levels, and avoid negative health consequences in Bangladesh. This study provides justification for the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) policies for students.

3. Issues in the Globalization of Traditional Medicine

One quarter of patients with arterial hypertension did not receive the therapy prescribed by the doctor. Almost three quarters of those surveyed had elevated blood pressure values. 19.1% of study participants were obese and 41.2% were overweight. We found that 6.3% of screened participants suffered from diabetes mellitus, 5.5% from coronary artery disease, and 6.3% and 4.0% had previous history of myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke respectively. We used volumetric sphygmography to evaluate vascular stiffness and identify preclinical and clinical atherosclerosis.

While the (⫺) enantiomer exhibited good anti-HIV activity, the (⫹) enantiomer was active only at cytotoxic concentration. The mechanism of anti-HIV activity is unknown. Taken together, the biological studies show that gossypol is endowed with a pleiotropic pattern of activity, with a recent shift in clinical attention from the reproductive to the oncologic realm of applications.

Luteolin (Anhui Provincial Institute of Medical Sciences, PRC) Luteolin (21) is, along with apigenin, the major flavonoid of cereal grains and aromatic herbs (parsley, rosemary, thyme) (Pietta, 2000). Owing to the lack of the 3-hydroxyl, it shows reduced antioxidant activity compared to quercetin. Luteolin is currently under development for the treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis (Wang, 2000).

The future for understanding linkages between diet and cancer will be expanded by the ability of the biomedical research community to use newly available technological advances to conduct basic research studies in molecular biology and genetics. This will take motivation, dedication, collaboration and education and training across disciplines, as well as a concerted effort by nutritional scientists, molecular biologists, geneticists and clinical cancer researchers to achieve this vision (Greenwald et al., 2001). According to Greenwald and co-workers (2001), during the early decades of the 21st century researchers in diet and cancer will keep the best of the ‘old’ science and combine it with the best of the ‘new’ science, to design effective, targeted cancer prevention strategies that will benefit both the general population and those at high risk for cancer.

Following random selection procedure, the taluka “Deesa” (administrative subunit of district) and the village of “Davas” were selected. The Primary Health Centre (PHC) is a very basic medical setting, which provides health care services to rural populations. The PHC of Davas was contacted to ascertain a list of “anganwadi” discovered in the field practice area of PHC. Anganwadi is a part of the Indian public health-care system where basic health-care activities are carried out for antenatal and postnatal women, adolescent girls, and children less than 6 years of age. PHC in Davas covers a total population of 39,001 people and 15 other villages around Davas, as per the 2011 census.

The German Commission E suggested a daily dose of ginseng as 1-2 g of root per day for up to three months, or 200-600 mg of standardized extracts (4-7 per cent ginsenosides) (Blumenthal et al., 2000; Mahady et al., 2001). Dietary fibre Dietary fibre is composed mainly of non-starch polysaccharides and lignin. Watersoluble forms of dietary fibre includes pectins, beta-glucans, gums and mucilages while the insoluble portion consists of cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses.

Systolic blood pressure levels ≥ 140 mmHg and diastolic pressure levels ≥ 90 mmHg were considered hypertensive.22 HTN in this study was defined as having a previous diagnosis of HTN or having a BP of HTN status. Blood samples were collected and processed by lab technicians under supervision of lab coordinator. After shipment of samples to the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) in Kabul, they were stored at -80°C until glucose measurement was completed. Close monitoring of all study steps by core group of investigator was implemented to enhance quality of data at all research stages.

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