Dr. Gerd Leipold

Stephen Sackur talks to Dr Gerd Leipold, the outgoing exec director of Greenpeace International, about confrontational campaigning. Today in the 15th year, the particular BSR Annual Conference is the largest global gathering dedicated to corporate responsibility. This year’s theme, “Designing a Sustainable Future, ” will present three dozens of sessions on a selection of CSR issues this kind of as climate change in addition to the environment, sustainable design, emerging economies, governance, human rights and more.

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He offers a new long association with Greenpeace, having worked regarding the organisation for within various capacities for above 20 years. I am commonly sympathetic with Greenpeace on this one, but it has learned a hard lesson regarding the need to be able to be super accurate when entering the climate alter cage fight. Perhaps typically the greater “crime” was Leipold’s admission that “we’re not really ashamed of emotionalising issues”.

The contributors dispute that our societies can certainly learn to respond to be able to the task it presents plus avoid both human fighting and large scale destruction of ecosystems; and this this particular does not necessarily demand economic sacrifice. Therefore, that is vital reading regarding students, academics and plan makers involved in the particular debate surrounding climate alter. We have been within the Amazon. We experience a huge operation in the Amazon for 10 years now.

Gerd Leipold

Coming from 1990 to 1992 he or she lead the Greenpeace Global disarmament campaign and synchronised greater than 50 international campaigns at sea. Gerd Leipold was International Executive Director of Greenpeace until this year, a position he has held since 2001. In this role he lead the global organisation, overseeing almost all its activities.

And that more and more people own it. But, it just displays how much if we make use of the energy we have currently much, much better, that in the rich countries, we could even reduce energy consumption, and still have got economic growth. And the… what is less used in energy in typically the rich countries is after that available to protect typically the climate, is available for the developing countries who unquestionably will need more energy than they have right now. If we think that these kinds of nuclear reactors were just about all over the world, merely imagine Indonesia would turn out to be a country with a new large use of indivisible reactors.

During a BASSE CONSOMMATION Hardtalk interview with Stephen Sackur, the executive overseer of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, admitted that a July news story which said that “we are searching at ice-free summers inside the Arctic around 2030” was a “mistake”. International’s nuclear disarmament campaign within 1987. Between 1993 and 2001, Gerd Leipold was Director of GEM Companions Ltd, a London-based agency, where he advised the number of leading NGOs on campaign and organisational development and communication.

In between 1993 and 2001 he or she ran his own consultancy company ‘Gem Partners Ltd’ in London. From i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet to 2009 he had been the Executive Director associated with Greenpeace International. He is now consulting companies on sustainable development and suggests NGOs and scientific establishments on communication and strategy. He is a trustee of the Humboldt ~ Viadrina School of Governance and also a member of the advisory board of the particular German development organization Welthungerhilfe.

And especially on vitality efficiency, we have in order to do much more, that’s where governments have to do much more. In addition to again, Europe, together along with the United States, has been mostly responsible for the particular mess we are within, and therefore they have the particular responsibility to reduce… we certainly have the responsibility to decrease our emission. We have the responsibility to reveal the technology. We possess the responsibility to acquire by simply example, so that the whole world can handle the climate change trouble together.

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Would anyone actually want, a country which unstable, would anyone need that country to experience nuclear power and typically the possibility to have plutonium, typically the possibility eventually to produce nuclear weapons? I cannot observe that. Gerd Leipold is Essential Executive Director of Greenpeace, and he’s in Australia at this time. “Between 1981 plus 1990 Gerd played a key role in Greenpeace Germany. During his payoff time as Director and Trustee of that office, this developed from a small selection of volunteers to the particular biggest environmental organisation within Germany – with above 80 staff, over 4 hundred, 000 supporters and the yearly income of twenty-five million Euros. In 1987, Gerd also undertook the co-ordination of the Greenpeace International disarmament campaign. Major a team of thirty campaigners from 15 diverse Greenpeace offices, the marketing campaign opposed sea-based nuclear weaponry, nuclear submarines and typically the testing of nuclear guns by all nuclear powers.

dr.gerd leipold
dr.gerd leipold

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