von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: The Writer plus the Library” -Coranto 391521 Overview of Lion Feuchtwanger, Typically the Man His Ideas, His Work by Spalek plus Insight and Action by simply Kahn. Appreciation of Lion Feuchtwanger presented at memorial service of twentieth anniversary of his death.

Kahn, Lothar “Tradition and Modernity within the German Ghetto Novel” -Judaism vol. Kahn, Lothar “Ludwig Börne: First Jewish Champion of Democracy” -Judaism vol. LF’s Paragraph upon the 24th birthday associated with Soviet Union/ New Public, 11/11 171708 “Who’s that and what’s what in Jewish life”- B’nai Brith Monthly 276070

An avid publication collector, Feuchtwanger acquired a personal library reflecting his interests in different historical periods An outspoken enemy of the Nazis, Feuchtwanger went into exile in The southern area of France in 1933 plus emigrated to the United States.

Marta Feuchtwanger picture with Effenberg at the party of the 30th Wedding anniversary in the proclamation of the Constitution A picture with Marta Feuchtwanger from the Sheldon’s along with a personal note 391222 Card from Cohen Family to Marta Feuchtwanger together with pictures of a fresh born 391221.

1958 1 letter to Manfred George from LF went out with 8 June 1953 one telegram 1956 1 notice from Henry Moe to LF dated 22 December. 3 letters (to plus from) dated 26 Mar 1958 – 28 March 1958 1 letter to Kirsch from unknown declaring to be LF out dated 24 March “Lion Feuchtwanger zum Gedächtnis”- Aufbau, fourteen March 1969 10th anniversary of LF’s death 171478

  • “The Essentials regarding German character” (typed ms. ) 2 pages lacking 168562
  • 3 words (to and from) dated 13 April 1954 : 27.
  • NECROSIS FACTOR, numbered 2009/03432, dated 19/05/2009 which grew to become void on 16/10/2010, due to the particular

gerd kortmann remscheid

The vesque, Paul “Mapping the Other: Lion Feuchtwanger’s Topographies of the Orient 431955 von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: his Major Novels and the Archives” -Coranto 391522

Portugal after the Fall- LF (Psychologische Wirkung… ) or Sound judgment, Jan 1941 169159 “Fusion on Eastern and Western Civilization? “- simply by LF. / London Basic Press, June 30, 1929 169174 “On the Personality of the German and the Nazis” Paper regarding “Nature of the Opponent Panel” (typed ms. ) Final version [2 copies]

8 letters (to and from) dated 17 April 1950 – 24 Sept. 3 letters (to and from) dated 14 April 1941 – 23 April 1941 Agreements among LF and LM coming from 1941 and 1943 Contract with William Morris Company (with LM) 1943 Archiv 2 inscriptions by TM to LF from textbooks in LF Collection (photocopy)

gerd kortmann remscheid

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