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1812-1884 , little princess of Hans and Maria Pohlmann, married to Johann Jochim Andreas Holst in 1845. 1853- , daughter of Johann and Catharina Kröger, married to Hans Jochim Pries in 1880. 1795- , girl of Hans and Lucia Maria “Elisabeth” Mohr, wedded to Hans Hinrich Lohmann in 1826. 1697-1769 , little princess of Hinrich and Magdalena N, hitched to Jochim Mohr in 1716, Hans Steenbock in 1734. †/1777 , child of Elisabeth and Claus Bargstedt, committed to Hans Jochim Storjohann in 1771.

1803- , little girl of Hans and Elisabeth Töbcke, with Hans Wöbcke, Nn Wöbcke. 1612- , princess of Elisabeth and Hinrich Fock, wedded to Jasper Ferst in 1644. 1791-/1852 , little girl of Margaretha and Jasper Kröger, married to Hans Pohlmann in 1817. 1800-/1852 , little girl of Gesche and Hans Siemens, hitched to Eggert Bestmann in 1820. 1844- , princess of Johann and Catharina Möller, aug Berke in 1866 committed to Friedrich.

1778- , girl of Hans Hinrich and Catharina Michaelöller, with Claus Ostermann. 1769-/1815 , princess of Johann and Anna Margaretha Suhl, with D. Hartmann. 1799-1847 , girl of Claus Anna and Hinrich Elisabeth Harms, with Hans Wolgast.

1772-1796 , little princess of Catharina and Johann Wöbcke, with John Hinrich Otto. Hartmann, girl of Johann Catharina and Hinrich Margaretha Koopmann, hitched to Detlef Fuhlendorf in 1806. 1847- , girl of Hans Barthold and Catharina Margaretha Ahrens, with Adolph Schümann, Hans Hinrich Schütt in 1871. ca 1710-1787 , girl of Claus and Magdalena Wischmann, with Hans Yölster. 1771- , girl of Hinrich and Anna Catharina Nöller, married to Jochim Möller in 1794.

1716-/1759 , princess of Liesche and Hinrich Tiedemann, hitched to Johann Rutenbeck in 1741. 1860- , little girl of Hinrich and Anna Catharina Wrage, hitched to Jochim Fosbeck in 1881. Lentfer, little girl of Christina and Hinrich Siemens, wedded to Hinrich Fuhrmann in 1764. 1836- , girl of Hinrich and Anna Elisabeth Mohr, wedded to Ludwig Barkhausen in 1862.

1769- , little girl of Anna and Johann Asmus, wedded to Hinrich Köhncke in 1793. 1851- , daughter of Hans Hinrich and Catharina Margaretha Elsabe Schröder, married to Hans Hinrich Stäcker in 1887, In. Hook. ca 1831- , princess of Claus and Catharina Vollstedt, married to Jochim Hinrich Schröder in 1855. 1765- , princess of Roloff Margaretha and Johann Dorothea Schonen, wedded to Hans Joachim Holler in 1786.

Mohr, princess of Maria and Hinrich Kruse, married to Jochim Drewes in 1784, Claus Jochim Lorenz Kröger in 1788. 1775- , child of Hinrich and Anna Margaretha Mohr, wedded to Johann Glissmann in 1802. ca 1833- , little girl of Anna and Claus Gülck, married to Hinrich Dierks in 1857. Storjohann, princess of Hans and Dorothea Pohlmann, wedded to Johann Kruse in 1765. ca 1832- , girl of Hinrich and Abel Mohr, wedded to Claus Storjohann in 1863.

†1816 , girl of Claus and Abel Schölermann, hitched to Claus Mohr in 1754. †1800 , little girl of Elsabe and Hans Schümann, committed to Johann Ritter in 1795. ca 1664-1750 , child of Engel and Hinrich Fischer, hitched to Jasper Mertens in 1695. Twisselmann, little princess of Anna and Johann Münster, committed to Marx Schnoor in 1824.

1790- , daughter of Claus Catharina and Hinrich Gülck, committed to Franz Carl in 1816. ca 1824- , little girl of Hans and Elisabeth Wohler, committed to Carl Christopher Streit in 1858. ca 1702-1769 , child of Jochim and Elsabe D, with Paul Wiese, Jochim Lemcke, Hinrich Lose, Claus Biss. 1622-ca 1655 , little princess of Maria and Hans Johns, wedded to Sivert Bojens in 1649. 1700-1755 , princess of Hinrich Cilke and Harbeck Loose fitting, married to Claus Wilckens in 1735.

1845- , girl of Andreas and Magdalena D, married to Hinrich Pohlmann in 1886. 1668-1712 , child of Maria and Claus Seibel, wedded to Thiel Dierks in 1689. ca 1827- , princess of Hinrich and Catharina Magdalena Metersöller, wedded to September Dietrich Thomas Töller in 1853. 1907-1997 , princess of Marie and Johann Nitschke, with Jake Rath.

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