Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

On the basis of these considerations, proposed by guidelines, alginates may be considered as a valid and reasonable therapeutic option. A new medical device (Marial®), unique still now possessing the indication for both GERD and LPR, has been recently launched in the Italian market [53].

Furthermore, the term GERD covers a number of specific conditions that have different effects and present in different ways. This makes it difficult to identify the person who genuinely has GERD, and to estimate the real prevalence and burden of the problem. Nevertheless, regardless of the definition used, GERD affects many subjects, who commonly seek advice from primary, secondary or tertiary care. As a result, it constitutes a major health burden for the Health Service.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (Silent Reflux)

Treatments consist mostly of lifestyle changes. A new study finds a strong association between acid reflux and cancers of the respiratory and upper digestive tracts in older adults. There are many other causes of chronic cough. Some research indicates that chronic cough has more than 20 causes, with more than one cause involved in 62 percent of cases.

It has to be considered that functional heartburn might fall under endoscopic negative disease. However, it is important to note that it is a distinct entity from NERD.

More importantly, failure to change these habits can hinder the success of any treatment for backflow of stomach fluids into the throat and voice box (reflux laryngitis). While GERD and LPR are both related to excess stomach acid in the throat, a person can have one problem or the other, or both simultaneously. Treatment for chronic cough starts with identifying the cause, and managing symptoms through medication and lifestyle or behavioral changes. The reflux needs to be well controlled. This usually requires a twice a day dose of a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).

The laryngologist may use a questionnaire that asks questions about reflux symptoms in order to determine if the patients’ symptoms are abnormally high, indicating possible reflux. A history of symptoms and how the voice fluctuates in relation to eating patterns is key to diagnosing reflux laryngitis. Patients with reflux laryngitis have complaints similar to other voice disorders, making it an easily missed voice disorder. Rely on the expertise of our physicians to treat chronic cough.

While it’s natural to assume a chronic cough is due to a respiratory problem, you might be surprised to learn that studies indicate a persistent cough is often a sign of GERD, a condition caused when the contents of your stomach inappropriately leak into your esophagus. Comparing the patients’ perception of treatment efficacy, reduction in RSI values for each single symptom before and after a 4 week-treatment with Marial® alone or with PPI in add-on in EMERGE and RELIEF patients are reported in Figures 5 and 6. Marial® alone treatment induced a statistically significant higher reduction in each single symptom in RELIEF patients than in EMERGE patients, with the exception of heartburn, chest pain, indigestion, or stomach acid coming up (Figure 5). Similar results were obtained evaluating the reduction in RSI values in patients treated with PPI in add-on that was able to determine a higher statistically significant decrease in RELIEF than in EMERGE patients in each single symptom, with the exception of heartburn, chest pain, indigestion, or stomach acid coming up (Figure 6).

Your doctor may also recommend medications that you can buy over the counter or may give you a prescription for a medication. These medications can help to neutralize the acid in your stomach, stop acid production, or help the muscles that empty your stomach. Medications work in different ways and a combination of medications may help to best control your symptoms. Your doctor is the best source of information on how to use these medications. Bad breath – When acid from the stomach comes up into the throat and mouth, acrid-smelling, bad breath may result.

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