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Fine-tuning stoichiometry and supramolecular set up in perfluorinated indazolato coins metal complexes. Structural in addition to kinetic studies of the polymerization reactions of ε-caprolactone catalyzed by (pyrazol-1-ylmethyl)pyridine Cu(ii) in addition to Zn(ii) complexes. Formation associated with an iron phosphine-borane intricate by formal insertion associated with BH₃ into the Fe-P bond.

Luminescent copper(i) halide and pseudohalide phenanthroline things revisited: simple structures, complicated excited state behavior. Facile luminescent tuning of Zn(II)/Hg(II) complexes based on adaptable, semi-rigid and rigid polydentate Schiff bases from azure to green to reddish: structural, photophysics, electrochemistry plus theoretical calculations studies.

Reactions of dimethylzirconocene complexes with the vicinal frustrated P/B Lewis pair. Catalyst design for iron-promoted reductions: an flat iron disilyl-dicarbonyl complex bearing weakly coordinating η( -(H-Si) moieties. Chiral phosphonite, phosphite and phosphoramidite eta6-arene-ruthenium(II) complexes: software to the kinetic resolution of allylic alcohols.

An amine-functionalized metal organic framework for preferential CO( adsorption at low pressures. Generation associated with azomethine imine and metal-free formal 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of imine with PhIO: reaction, scope, and synthesis. Reactivity from the dimesityl-1, 8-naphthalenediylborate anion: isolation of the borataalkene isomer and activity of 1, 8-diborylnaphthalenes.


Reactivity towards nitriles, cyanamides, and carbodiimides of palladium complexes produced from benzyl alcohol. Azide-bridged Cu(ii), Mn(ii) and Co(ii) coordination polymers designed with a new bifunctional ligand of 6-(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)-2, 2′-bipyridine. Transfer hydrogenation with abnormal dicarbene rhodium(iii) things containing ancillary and flip poly-pyridine ligands. Multinuclear silver(i) XPhos complexes with cyclooctatetraene: photochemical C-C bond cleavage of acetonitrile and cyanide bridged Ag cluster formation.

Synthesis and characterisation associated with cobalt(II) phosphonate cage things utilizing carboxylates and pyridonates as co-ligands. Metal self-recognition: a pathway to control the formation of dihelicates and mesocates. Synthesis, construction and band gap energy of covalently linked cluster-assembled materials.

Synthesis of gold(i) fluoroalkyl and fluoroalkenyl-substituted phosphine things and factors affecting their own crystal packing. Thiosemicarbazone derivatives of nickel and copper: the unprecedented coordination associated with furan ring in octahedral nickel(II) and of triphenylphosphine in three-coordinate copper(I) processes. Neutral zinc, lower-order zincate and higher-order zincate derivatives of pyrrole: synthesis plus structural characterisation of zinc complexes with one, two, three or four pyrrolyl ligands. ε-Keggin-based coordination sites: Synthesis, structure and software toward green synthesis regarding [email protected] hybrids. One-pot synthesis of strong solid condition emitting mono-cyclometalated iridium(iii) processes: study of these aggregation caused enhanced phosphorescence.

Dinuclear oxidative addition reactions using an isostructural collection of Ni2, Co2, plus Fe2 complexes. Dibenzothiophene-platinated complexes: probing the effect of ancillary ligands within the photophysical overall performance. X-Ray crystallographic and computational study on uranyl-salophen processes bearing nitro groups. Influence of the substituent about the phosphine ligand inside novel rhenium (I) aldehydes.

Halogen impact into brand-new oxonium benzo-crown ether things with tetrachloro- and tetrabromoaurates(iii). A series of Ni(II)-flavonolate complexes as structural and functional ES (enzyme-substrate) models of the Ni(II)-containing quercetin two, 3-dioxygenase. Anion dependence in the spin-crossover properties of a new Fe(II) podand complex. Hydrogen bonds and steric outcomes induced structural modulation associated with three layered iodoplumbate hybrids from nonperovskite to perovskite structure.


Oxidative addition associated with disulfide/diselenide to group ten metal( as well as in situ functionalization to form neutral thiasalen/selenasalen group 10 metal(II) processes. Trinuclear heterometallic Cu(II)-Mn(II) processes of a salen type Schiff base ligand: corpuscule dependent variation of phenoxido bridging angles and magnet coupling. New ruthenium(II) arene complexes of anthracenyl-appended diazacycloalkanes: a result of ligand intercalation in addition to hydrophobicity on DNA plus protein binding and boobs and cytotoxicity. Versatile reactivity of the rhodium(i) boryl complex towards ketones and imines.

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