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“Australia, the U . s . States, and the Chilly War, 1945-51: From V-J Day to ANZUS”. Worldwide Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 27, no. 2 (: 368-386. “The United States and Germany after 1945: Alliances, Transnational Relations, plus the Legacy of the Chilly War”. RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage 6, no .. number} 1 (Spring: 14-24.

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“Getting the Message Out there: The Poster Boys of World War II”. “American Asylum: The United Claims and the Campaign to Place the Technical League, 1939-1940”.

In 2002, Barbara Rosenwein, that is present today, entitled her well-known article within the historiography of emotions “Worrying about Emotions in History” in the AHR. Lyon, France, Geneva, Switzerland: Worldwide Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO Press; 2014.

“Incompatible Allies: Greek Communism and Macedonian Nationalism in typically the Civil War in A holiday in greece, 1943-1949”. “From Colonialism to be able to Professionalism: The Public-Private Active in United States International Financial Advising, 1898-1929”. “The Invisible Protectorate: The Usa States, Liberia, and the Evolution of Neocolonialism, 1909-40”.

“Moon Rocks and Moon Bacteria: A History of NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory”. “Hanging Judge Parker and the Gunfight at Alexander’s Store: Opportunities for Research within the Records from the Circumstance. S.

“What to be able to Show the World: Typically the Office of War Info and Hollywood, 1942-1945”. “The Good Neighbor Policy in addition to the Nationalization of Mexican Oil: A Reinterpretation”. “From Cautiousness to Decisiveness: Changes in Soviet Negotiation Strategies toward the British in the course of World War II”. “Residents by Day, Visitors simply by Night: The Origins of the Alien Commuter on the U. S. -Canadian Border during the 1920s”.

  • “Marshall Planners and the National politics of Empire: The usa in addition to French Financial Policy, 1948”.
  • “Petroleum Issues: The United States, Argentine Nationalism, and the 1963 Oil Crisis”.
  • “‘A Billion Dillar Racket’: The United States, South Vietnam, and Global Currency Manipulation during War, 1968-9”.

“Maneuvering regarding Magdalena Bay: International Conspiracy at a Baja California Anchorage”. “Displaced Archives in addition to Restitution Problems on the particular Eastern Front in the particular Aftermath of the Second Globe War”. “Estate Cases from the United States Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany (1889- “.

gerd brogi

“‘Helping the Jews Is Not a good Easy Move to make. ‘ Vatican Holocaust Policy: Continuity or even Change? “. “‘Tony’s Lab’: Germ Warfare in WWI Used on Horses within U. S. “. “We Have Opened the doorway in order to Tokyo: United States Programs to Seize the Kurile Islands, 1943-1945”. “Human Rights and International Security: The particular International Community and typically the Greek Dictators”.

“American Warship Construction for Stalin’s Navy prior to World War II: A Review in Paralysis of Policy”. “The European Youth Campaign in Ireland: Neutrality, Americanization, as well as the Cold War 1950 to 1959”.

“The Decline of the Overseas Station Fleets: The United States Asiatic Fleet and the Shanghai Crisis, 1932”. “‘Field Found! ‘ Establishing the Maryknoll Mission Enterprise inside the United States in addition to China, 1918-1928”. “The English Royal Visit of 1939 and the ‘Psychological Approach’ towards the United States”. “FDR’s Foreign Policy and typically the British Royal Visit in order to the U. “‘The Devil’s Apostle’: Jonas King’s Trial against the Greek Hierarchy in 1852 and the Pressure to Extend U. S.

gerd brogi

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