Lilo and Bayer alias Troll got to know each other in 1960 when Troll wrote the texts for an advertising campaign for the After a stay in Switzerland he got to Stuttgart in 1938, where he worked as a freelance graphic designer, and where he established his own graphic design studio in 1951. He was a mentor and an inspiration to a number of successful students like Lilo.

The dotted line marks the mean measured OD on day 1. Differences between different time points were considered statistically significant at the level of p <>

Manfred Lehmbruck | Architect

Normothermic Ex-vivo Preservation with the Portable Organ Care System Lung Device for Bilateral Lung Transplantation (INSPIRE): a Randomised, Open-label, Non-inferiority, Phase 3 Study Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Hannover, Germany, Biomedical Research in Endstage and Obstructive Lung Disease Hannover (BREATH), Member of the German Centre for Lung Research (DZL), Member of the REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence, Hanover, Germany In vitro exposure of precision-cut lung slices to 2-(4-amino-3-methylphenyl)-5-fluorobenzothiazole lysylamide dihydrochloride (NSC 710305, Phortress) increases inflammatory cytokine content and tissue damage. Tissue turnover of collagen type I, III and elastin is elevated in the PCLS model of IPF and can be restored back to vehicle levels using a phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

Improving cell culture experiments by replacing fetal calf serum with human serum A novel method to predict fatty liver drugs using metabolic network based target identification. An improved aerosol deposition device to assess safety and efficacy of dry powder formulations at the air/liquid interface Hepatocyte-like cells derived from human adipose stem cells: a new model for genotoxicity testing

F. H. Ernst Schneidler | Typographer, Calligrapher

Amongst others, extracellular matrix (ECM) genes including different forms of collagen as well as ECM remodeling enzymes (e.g. With the use of PCLS, the aim was to establish a novel experimental method to identify biomarkers of pulmonary fibrosis. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a severe lung disease, causing irreversible dysfunction of the organ.

On the contrary, the anticholinergic effects of antipsychotics can impair the coordinated action of swallowing by weakening the parasympathetic signals, which are transmitted by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.23 Dysphagia may also be a result of the concurrent dopamine blocking activity and anticholinergic effects.23 This patient was treated with olanzapine, one of the most anticholinergic second-generation agents, in combination with benztropine. Postulated mechanisms of antipsychotic-induced dysphagia include that it may be an extrapyramidal adverse reaction, because dopamine blockade can cause dysphagia or laryngospasm.4,23 Some patients may experience dysphagia in combination with other EPS symptoms, whereas with others dysphagia may be the only EPS experienced.4 In this case, dysphagia was present with low-dose olanzapine 5 mg, and additional EPS were seen when the dosage was increased to 10 mg/d.

PCLS were washed thoroughly before cultivation in DMEM (2 slice per 500 μl) under normal immersion culture conditions (37 °C, 5% CO 2 , and 100% air humidity) for up to 15 days. 8 mm) were sliced in cold EBSS using a Krumdieck tissue slicer (Alabama Research and Development, Munford, AL, USA) into approx. Lung donors for this study were diverse regarding age, gender, medical history and cause of resection. In the context of CRD research models, PCLS have been used as a supportive tool after disease establishment in-vivo [20].

Quantitative analysis of Live/Dead® staining showed no significant differences over time. Additionally, Calcein AM staining of the tissue showed an overall presence of living tissue with visible alveolar structures, which were maintained for the entire period of cultivation.

Karl Alfons Naegele | Painter

After touching the screen, this command goes to the corresponding hardware switch, which connects the data display lines to the computer called up. The reduction to only one data display unit with selection of the displayed data from the various controls brings about a previously unencountered overall clarity, special convenience for the operator and particularly high reliability when operating injection molding machines. The up-to-dateness of the display data and the degree of change of the individual operating data are used as selection criteria. According to the method, there are predetermined selection criteria by which the display data are selected and activated and displayed on a single data display unit.

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