Running Metal Thread 2012

Castle was really good, too (as was the first local opener – it was a good night of music), but Nate & company were firing on all cylinders. I’ve been listening to Vio-lence and many others, and need more time with them.

esp bc i have always thought that the 1st sepultura was a weak record. “Just sick of the whole “the first album/demo/first show/rehearsal only I was at was their best work” thing. Just sick of the whole “the first album/demo/first show/rehearsal only I was at was their best work” thing. Because I mean, his preference is his preference whether we agree with it or not, but I can certainly understand getting annoyed by a broken (blue) record.

I’m sure I’d like them live, but the rest of the bill would have to be stellar for that to happen because I’m not buying a ticket with the hope that I won’t hate it. I liked The Hunt so much I went back to their previous albums to re-listen, and bought a couple on CD. I love grind and I get the concept and all, but those synthy horns make me cringe so much. Such a great driving album, all forward motion with big old sing-along choruses. Apparently it’s their whole discography, studio and live albums, plus a couple of discs’ worth of rarities.

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so im pretty sure that aaron turner is somewhere on a beach right now lighting cigars with my cd lot buy in money. I’ve lost tack of how many times I’ve decided that I really must like Therion, and given some new or old album a new listen, only to rediscover that I just don’t.

Yeah, I was wondering if the banjo was a fever dream or not. This coming from a guy who usually can’t stand that band. What between this picture and people preferring Cheap Trick to The Fall, I’m literally too angry to get any more work done. I’ve been doing this all week, I’m doing stories on Ancestors and Ancients, and I keep mixing the two bands names even though I’ve been listening to Ancestors for years.

I wrote the Voice’s (well, VVM’s) year-end metal list a couple of years in a row. Pretty happy to put on one of their mid-era records to scratch that itch, or more likely a Deadguy album instead.

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Last 4 band bill kicked off at 8; no sign of openers on this 4 band show. I mean, obviously people who get the vinyl are into what you would put on those rolling papers, but it seems weird to me to have a branded consumable like that as a bonus. would be cool if the scion detroit techno stuff is also happening because of this one exec. Yeah, but that’s the equivalent of a small child yelling “Don’t look at me!” at the top of its lungs. Yeah, except even when I was 24 and getting my first pieces published, I never believed in the idea of “selling out” or used that phrase in my work.

Speaking of hardcore influenced metal, going to be checking out the album from St. I’d love to read it so I hope you get the right permissions to make it happen. you have time to listen to it and vote for it along with lulu and 8 others markers. Currently listening to Living Death’s Vengeance of Hell, which is OK. I always thought they were “hipster metal” or ironic or whatever but there are a few really good tracks on their new album Defender, Redeemer.

Although if there’s only one dose of a magic potion to rescue a once-soaring band from their own intentional self-induced ugliness, I’m going to vote for administering it to In This Moment, not Lacuna Coil. I just think they did it because they thought that’s what people wanted to hear. And thus became a tribute band to themselves, rather than an actual band. Listened to the Bullet record today, and I basically just wish that the singer was *slightly* less terrible.

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I love the album, it’s so much more cohesive than Woods IV, which was pretty great in its own right. Yeah, that one seems to be the grind record for people who don’t normally like grind and also the people that do.

I know they’ve never been exactly a brilliant band, but their particular brand of southern fried metalcore was a guilty pleasure. At the risk of being laughed off of here am I the only one looking forward to the new Iron Maiden live DVD/CD? I’m pretty sure the guest saxophone on the third track is by John Zorn, and there are probably some guest vocalists, too, but I don’t have a press release, just a download, so I can’t be sure yet.

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