Too little stomach acid often causes heartburn, not too much

Your physician can also help you manage your medications and choose the best course of treatment if medications such as PPIs are causing symptoms of low stomach acid. If an underlying medical condition is the cause of low stomach acid, your physician can help you manage the condition and its symptoms. If you have questions or concerns about your symptoms or risk factors for low stomach acid production, speak with your doctor. They can help develop a treatment plan that is best for you. Ginger is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, an essential quality for reducing inflammation from low stomach acid.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I really want to get rid of the SIBO totally, not just mask the symptoms and I am considering starting on the SCD. However I read that SIBO won’t resolve unless the root cause is treated, and that root cause might include low stomach acid. So I thought – okay, I’ll test it.

Ive Been having a lot of health issues for a year I feel full with no food or very little. I have burning in my stomach most of the time. I have dizziness when I stand. I am extremely tired all the time. I have nausea and sickness everyday.

However, as the number of candles increases on the cake that’s become so hard to digest, the stomach acid in our bodies is on the decline. If what causes acid reflux was too much stomach acid, then we’d have been experiencing heartburn predominantly in high school. Acid reflux is a condition where acid is finding its way out of your stomach. Stomach acid belongs in – well, your stomach.

A patient recently told me that her doctor, after prescribing a double dose of Nexium, said there is a connection between stress and stomach acid – and there definitely is one, but it’s actually not what you think, or what medical doctors believe and understand. Reflux can be caused by various factors and, depending on the cause, improved or eliminated without medications. For example, it can be caused by an erratic or weak lower esophageal sphincter, pressure from abdominal fat, hiatal hernia, or bile reflux. Moreover, overconsumption of fat in a meal can cause overexcretion of HCL, which can be mistaken for primary overproduction of HCL (hyperchlorhydria). Overuse of antacids and diet-induced hyperchlorhydria can lead to medication-induced hypochlorhydria.

I have been treated for chronic hives with Zantac paired with either Claritin or Zyrtec morning and evening for many years. I tried the baking Soda test and waited for about 15 minutes to burp and then gave up, does it sound like low stomach acid to you ?. I’ve been having some pretty bad stomach aches (beneath the belly button area) for the past few months. My stomach only seems to hurt when I’m hungry, it’s definitely not just hunger as I’m eating the same amount I always have. Taking Now Super Enzymes (has 200mg Betaine HCL per pill) mid-meal seem to alleviate the symptoms somewhat but not 100%.

This would persist for a couple of days and then would go away (assuming I ate no more meat at all). I even measured my weight afterwards. So for example, my weight on the day after I ate chicken would be higher than 3 days after I ate it (eating veg food).

  • Every snack?
  • I don’t know what to do anymore.
  • I have acid reflux and tried to test myself with your instructions.
  • The answer may lie in how much stomach acid that individual produces or whether they have shut off that production with “the purple pill,” thinking it’s the right thing to do for relief from indigestion symptoms.

But most people will usually need to supplement with Betaine HCL as a replacement for the low acid. It is thought that Betaine HCL will retrain your stomach to get to the correct pH levels over time. What is known is it will allow your digestion to work correctly in the interim.

What are the Causes of Low Stomach Acid?

(I take Swanson Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin. I am also suffering with terrible hot flushes with the Menopause. I stumbled upon this site after typing “Why is my chest heavy when I ate 5 hours ago? ”. I can say that I have had many digestive issues and have never known quite why and always chalked it up to both of my parents having plenty of digestive issues. My mother- rheumatoid arthritis, appendix removed and was on prilosec for years.

So now I will go back to that and see if I can use less magnesium and not have constipation.

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