Two Life-Saving Rules to Follow If You Give Your Dog Bones

Although I have not added parsley to my broth for the long cooking, once I did add the carrot tops to beef bones. That was the first batch that did NOT gel. When I asked the farmer about it, she said it was because of the greens. Since every other batch of bones, from the same farmer, gelled nicely, I’ve never used greens again.

So no mushrooms or fermented Foods, not even vinegar. For me bone broth has helped me to feed my body when it started rejecting even the most healthy plant ingredients.

I keep the broth for us and I put the bones and other ingredients in my blender ,blend it up with a little of the broth put it in ice cube trays and freeze it for great dog treats. My dogs love them. Oh god, no. I wouldn’t discard those vegetables. Where I’m from, food gets more expensive everyday, so it seems wasteful to me.

I did my chicken bone broth in a crock pot but I have left the crock pot on all week and when I draw out a cup of broth, I replace with a cup of fresh water so it is bone broth all week. I read it on a blog and I hope that this is safe? It seems to be working just fine and I plan to throw what is left and the bones, out on Saturday and start a new pot.

Roast, add spices/herbs, cover with water, boil, reduce to simmer. Or roast and throw in a pressure cooker to save time. Maybe throw in a few juniper berries to counter some of the gaminess, if that’s a problem for you.

I have a small crockpot that I use for my broth and it is perfect for the bones from one chicken. In addition, when I make my bone broth I add dried seaweed – kombu, dulse – that is harvested from pristine locations on the Maine coast which add many trace minerals. I’m wondering if you notice a difference in the bone broth you keep in the refrigerator and the bone broth you can. I am interested in canning my broth because of lack of freezer space but am having trouble finding any information other than directions on how to do it. Where I kive (northern California) I have had to pay $4.99/lb for bare, no meat at all, beef bones from grass fed cows.

At that point, the cubes better be super concentrated. I’ve only drank bone broth when I get sick and it really helps in making me feel better. It’s just been now that I replaced coffee every morning with Au Bon Broth’s organic bone broth. It’s actually amazing what it did with my body, since I’ve felt more energetic and healthier. I would definitely continue including it in my everyday routine.

Add oil, then onions and celery. Saute about 8 to 10 minutes or until tender. Add chicken, broth, rosemary and thyme. Bring to a simmer.

Hi Terri – I think adding extra gelatin may be beneficial, especially in the chicken stock. The bone broth should have a similar consistency as jell-o once cooled.

That’s too much for me so I use chicken bones I can get for less. I think word is out about broth so butchers have upped the price of bones. We also use our bones until there is little left of them, then it gets turned into dog and cat wet food (see another post). Just keep putting more bones in the pot… I usually use bones for 2 batches, and then add more to them. on the 3rd or 4th time through, the older ones are really soft and mushy when straining out, these are put to the side for other purposes.

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