Uranium Mining in Eastern Australia: The WISMUT Legacy

At the opposite end of clamping casing 62 is a similar arrangement with interior circumferential recess 807 being defined by back wall 808, side wall 809 and flange 811. 8 forward end 70 of clamping casing 62 includes an interior circumferential recess 801 which is defined by exterior wall 802, side wall 803 and inwardly extending flange 805.

of domestic waste and ash was dumped on the top of the tailings deposit of the Dresden-Gittersee uranium mill, which was shut down in 1962. Some dams (among them those of Culmitzsch and Trünzig in Thuringia) are built on geological faults The dams of uranium mill tailings deposits are often not of a stable construction: in most cases, they are The sky darkened over the villages in the neighbourhood of Wismut’s uranium mill tailings dams, when The radium-226 contained in the ore decays to the radioactive gas radon-222.

[German] In einem regenerativen Energiesystem mit starken Fluktuationen der Stromproduktion nimmt die Bedeutung der Kurzzeitspeicherung zu – einerseits, um das Energieangebot bedarfsgerecht optimal zu nutzen, andererseits, um zu jedem Zeitpunkt eine Stationary battery storage of energy transition a central component; Stationaere Batteriespeicher der Energiewende eine zentrale Komponente förderdiagnostisches Verfahren formuliert und exemplarisch auf Erkenntnisse der Spracherwerbsforschung zurückbezogen. The present article addresses the question of which characteristics a language proficiency assessment of children ́s narrative competence should possess to allow for its results to be used for planning subsequent assistance measures.The underlying assumption states that language acquisition processes follow their own inherent developmental pathway.

The brine, with a temperature of 145 C, is discharged into a nearby river without making use of the available thermal energy of 110 MWsub t (375 MBtu/h). Organically polluted sewage water can be economically cleaned in an aerobic biological sewage treatment plant with upstream anaerobic as this saves activation volume and ventilation energy.

men in several towns; they are attributed to occupational exposure in the uranium industry. investigations in the East German uranium mining province show elevated lung cancer incidences with

Imaging and therapy of a chondroblastoma; Bildgebung und Therapie eines Chondroblastoms There was no significant morphological change in the right ovary or fallopian tube. There was also hydrosalpinx of the left fallopian tube, and cystic follicles in the left ovary. The final histopathological findings were EIN , endometrioid type with a focus found within the endometrial polyp; endometrial polyp; simple hyperplasia; chronic inflammation of the uterine cervix; hyperkeratosis of the cervical squamous epithelium; and cervicitis chronica.

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With such storage facilities, bulk delivery is typically the most economical and often features road or rail-born silo vehicles with pneumatic pumps that can pump the material from the silo vehicle directly to the storage facility. Some recipients of fine material rely on silos or storage rooms which are capable of handling large volumes of material.

Method and patients: The hand-held system (COsub 2 angio set) consists of a dosage chamber in connection with a special stopcock to apportion the gas. These findings allude to SA-responsive reduction of ORA59 levels mediated by EIN 3 binding to and targeting of ORA59 for degradation, thus nominating ORA59 pool as a coordination node for the antagonistic function of ET/JA and SA.

Improved patient repositioning accuracy by integrating an additional jaw fixation into a high precision face mask system in stereotactic radiotherapy of the head; Verbesserte lagerungsreproduzierbarkeit eines nichtinvasiven hochpraezisionsmaskensystems in der stereotaktischen Radiotherapie durch eine integrierte kieferfixierung 12,000 years ago and its geographic setting in the productive Jordan Valley, the site of Nahal Ein Given its chronological position at the threshold of the Neolithic (ca. Nahal Ein Gev II, a Late Natufian Community at the Sea of Galilee. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit gilt dabei den Kalkulationsgrundlagen in Publikumsverlagen sowie den relevanten rechtlichen und ökonomischen Umständen im Buchmarkt.

The functional ramification of the physical interaction is EIN 3-dependent degradation of ORA59 by the 26S proteasome. Co-infiltration assays revealed nuclear co-localization of ORA59 and EIN 3, and split-luciferase together with yeast-two-hybrid assays established their physical interaction. Specifically, JA induces ORA59 protein levels independently of EIN 3/EIL1, whereas SA reduces the protein levels dependently of EIN 3/EIL1. Here, we show the opposing function of two transcription factors, ethylene insensitive3 (EIN 3) and EIN 3-Like1 (EIL1), in SA-mediated suppression and JA-mediated activation of PLANT DEFENSIN1.2 (PDF1.2).

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