, one of the earliest introductory summaries to typically the Decretum which precedes Gratian’s text in several twelfth-century manuscripts. , the incipit regarding this introductio shows that this is derived from typically the Summa of Johannes Faventinus.

“Thickness and birefringence regarding healthy retinal nerve dietary fiber layer tissue measured together with polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography. ” Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 45(: 2606-2612. “Spectral Domain optical accordance phase and multiphoton microscopy, ” Optics Letters 32: 623 (.

(formerly Dunelmensis I-III), 180 items through excerpts from Burchard’s Decretum to decretals of Lucius III (1181-. LITERATURE: Walther Holtzmann, ‘Zu den Dekretalen bei Simon von Bisignano’, Traditio 18 ( 453. Kuttner, ‘Notes on the projected corpus of twelfth-century decretals’, Traditio 6 ( 350. LITERATURE: Charles Duggan, Twelfth Century Decretal Selections and the Importance in British History (University of Greater london Historical Studies XII; London 71-73, 154-62. Kuttner, ‘Sur les origines du fin “droit positif”‘, RHD 4-15 ( 735; idem, ‘Retractationes III’, The History regarding Ideas and Doctrines in the Middle Ages (London 5.

, preserves three decretals, a pair of them subdivided into several items and distributed under parameters, the latest dated 1169. Kuttner, ‘Manuscripts and Incunabula Exhibited at the Inauguration of the Institute in Might, 1956’, Traditio 12 ( 614.

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“Selective image removal by synthesis of the coherence function using two-dimensional optical lock-in amplifier along with microchannel spatial light modulator. ” Ieee Photonics Technology Letters 9(: 514-516. “Automated Laser Interferometric Ellipsometry plus Precision Reflectometry. ” Record of Physics E-Scientific Instruments 16(: 654-661. “Observation of light propagation in volume scatterers with 10( -fold slow motion. ” Optics Letters 21(: 1087-1089. “Optical-Constants of Water in 200-Nm to 200-Mum Wavelength Region. ” Applied Optics 12(: 555-563.

  • Other minor canonistic articles have been included inside the same volume of the edition.
  • “Depth Profiling of Laser-Heated Chromophores in Biological Tissues simply by Pulsed Photothermal Radiometry. inches Journal from the Optical Modern society of America a-Optics Graphic Science and Vision twelve (: 1479-1488.
  • “Video-rate optical low-coherence reflectometry based on a linear smart detector array. inches Optics Letters 25(: 102-104.
  • “Precise nanometer localization analysis for seperate fluorescent probes, ” Biophysical Journal 82: 2775 (.

“A Methodology for typically the Systematic and Quantitative Study of Cell Contact Guidance in Oriented Collagen Gels—Correlation of Fibroblast Orientation in addition to Gel Birefringence. ” Record of Cell Science a hundred and five: 317-331. Gonick, Maria Meters., et al ( “Visualization of Blood Microcirculation Guidelines in Human Tissues simply by Time Integrated Dynamic Speckles Analysis” vol. European connection dated May 15, 08 for European patent software Number

This latter portion displays paralells to the Quaestiones Claustroneoburgenses and Senonenses. Gerard Fransen has demonstrated that it combines a number of text messages borrowed from the Quaestiones Bambergenses II group (q. 1- with an arranged of quaestiones signed by the Bolognese canonist Tancred (q. 33-. is the name provided in the Repertorium to a collection of quaestiones inside a Fulda manuscript. Quaestiones disputatae Douai 649, probably collected in the school associated with a French master, florida. Douai 590, two quaestiones from the French school, after Compilatio III(.

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“Imaging superficial tissues with polarized light. ” Lasers in Surgery and Treatments 26(: 119-129. “Measurement associated with the spatial coherence regarding superluminescent diodes. ” Journal of Modern Optics 46(: 1763-1774. “Dispersion effects within partial coherence interferometry: Effects for intraocular ranging. ” Journal of Biomedical Optics 4(: 144-151.

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