Werner Anselmann Estate

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Thanks to this expansion the Anselmann estate is listed to be between the largest and best-equipped private wine estates in Germany. In 1998 and following her studies of business management at the University of Mannheim Ruth Anselmann joins the family team.

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ralf gerd anselmann

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The tasting room is where Inge Anselmann offers you expert but unbiased advise.

Throughout its long history, spanning 26 generations, the household has always personally managed the business making innovative, sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for tradition and the land. This is demonstrated by the high awards and honours from national and international competitions. The result is high quality and palatable wines of international standard.

ralf gerd anselmann

Ruth Anselmann enjoys looking after the guests at wine industry events such as “ProWein” and many other presentations domestically and internationally. Businesswoman Ruth Anselmann studied business administration at the University of Mannheim.

Workshop on 02 December 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The vineyards are planted with cabernet sauvignon, dornfelder and spätburgunder for red wines and riesling for whites, but they also produce sparkling wines, brandy and liqueurs. Today siblings Gerd, Ralf, Eva and Ruth oversee the business together with their mother Inge, managing one of the largest wine estates in Germany from the town of Edesheim, south-west of Heidelberg.

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Weingut Anselmann (Pfalz, Germany) From german-bier-warehouse.com: The first reference to the Anselmann family goes back to 1126. For centuries, the family have been mixed up in wine making and trade. Several awards from recognised national and international wine competitions confirm again and again the high quality of the wines and sekts from the Anselmann estate. Both the Weingut Werner Anselmann and the wine and sekt estate Gebrüder Anselmann both owned by the family each received one of many coveted awards.

ralf gerd anselmann

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